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Are You Ready For HMRC Making Tax Digital?

HMRC are introducing a new digital movement called “Making Tax Digital” (or MTD for short).

What does this mean for you?

MTD means that from April, VAT submissions cannot be completed manually through HMRC Services, sometimes referred to as filling in the 7 boxes. Instead, returns will have to be completed using MTD compliant software. In addition, all sales and purchase records will need to be held digitally through software or spreadsheets. This will have a major impact for small and medium sized businesses who prefer the more traditional approach to bookkeeping.

However, the transition to this new way of working doesn’t have to be a problem. Ratiobox is fully prepared for this and we are ready to help you.

What can we do?

Here at Ratiobox we fully understand the implications that Making Tax Digital will have on your current business processes.

Furthermore we can take your records, in the way you like to prepare them and transpose them in to the systems required to be MTD compliant.

Alternatively, we can work with you to adapt your processes with the necessary software and then submit your returns for you as your VAT Agent every 3 months.

To find out more….

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