Payroll outsourcing: A modern alternative to employment?

Payroll outsourcing: A modern alternative to employment?

Payroll Employment or Outsourcing?

For many it is a hard decision to make; to employ or to outsource. There is no denying that there are pros and cons for both employment and outsourcing. It’s just a matter of making the best decision for your business.


Lots of people like to have as many of their business’ operations & connections as in-house as possible. However the disadvantages of employment in respect of payroll can be extensive.

Keeping up with legislation, liaison with HMRC, along with additional employment costs such as employees phoning in sick, holiday pay, National Insurance contributions and auto-enrolment pension schemes. These are just a few of the costly things to consider before stepping into the employment process.

Outsourcing Payroll

You may feel that employing someone to perform the relevant tasks is simply just the safest option for you and your business.

What if there was a sweet spot between traditional outsourcing and employment? Our team of payroll professionals act as direct agents to our clients. This means we integrate with your team in order to create an easy flowing business for you and your employees. We don’t just want to be of service, we want to be part of your service.

A Perfect Payroll Solution

Here at Ratiobox we feel we can bring our services to you at a level where you will feel like we are part of your team. The difference being, no nasty hidden overhead costs and a genuine reassurance that everything will be completed efficiently and accurately.

We offer a wide-range of payroll services, from full timesheet calculation to bureau only processing from your internal data.

The Ratiobox team can help you save money and grow.

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