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Pension & Payroll Outsourcing Services

Employers have numerous responsibilities. Ensuring that they pay their employees accurately and on time in this constantly changing area can certainly prove challenging. However, outsourcing these services can make these duties worry-free.

Ratiobox provides a complete pension and payroll outsourcing service for any size of business, in any industry; we can also offer you cost-efficient options to suit your business needs. We'll remain fully compliant. We'll also minimise your payroll costs.

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    Payroll & Pension Administration Services

    Our highly experienced team will take care of all the necessary payroll and pension procedures. So that we can ensure that you are compliant with the many rules and regulations leaving you free to look after your business.

    • Professional Guidance and Support
      With our extensive experience and knowledge, we can provide a compliant and efficient payroll service that’s affordable and flexible to meet your needs.
    • Only Expert Advice is Given
      With over 25 years of experience, we are able to deal efficiently with the complexities and confidentiality of payroll. The Ratiobox team are also always on hand to offer assistance on how to tackle necessary payroll and pension procedures.
    • Fully Qualified Team
      Payroll is a specialised function that requires fully trained and qualified staff; the Ratiobox team are highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to keeping your business up-to-date with legislative requirements.

    The introduction of auto-enrolment pension legislation has had a huge impact on every business. Furthermore, we can ensure that your employees are enrolled correctly into a qualifying pension scheme; we can also help save you time and money by setting up a service that will be specific for you and your employees.

    Following the biggest change in many years to the Data Protection laws, we ensure that all data handling is compliant and walk you through the important steps to achieve GDPR compliance for your payroll. From planning to delivery, our experienced team will ensure that you are fully compliant.

    We provide a completely comprehensive service, in all areas of payroll and pensions, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to specifying details and compliance. In Conclusion, we will always be on hand to answer any query for you or your staff, simply and quickly, minimising time spent on administration and maximising time spent looking after your business.

    Services include:

    • Pay calculation and processing
    • Payslip, P60, P11d production
    • Auto-enrolment staging support
    • Auto-enrolment compliance
    • GDPR compliance
    • RTI compliance